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Lifting the Veil: Virtual conversations to increase awareness

CLINICAL TRIALS – A compelling case in African and Afro-Diasporic communities

Date: March 27, 2021

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Time: 11:00 am EST


Dr. Kingsley Ndoh MD, MPH  – Co-Founder, Regista Inc
Linda Agu, MD, MBA – Clinical Research Associate, Covance Inc.
Dr. Cynthia Ekoh, MD – Senior Research Associate, Syneos Health

You want to become a


There are many ways to help! Your time, presence and resources will help us educate and support African migrant populations around issues of breast, prostate, colon, cervical, ovarian and lung cancers.

What We Are Doing

Prevention, Detection& Screening

TamBo Foundation will be working with African civic groups and faith based organizations that cater to our target population.

Critical Service Support

We are dedicated to supporting patients through every step of the cancer journey.

Long Term Programs

To further our vision as voice to Africans in the Diaspora and on the continent

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