This resource page is a directory of organization, agencies and cancer research centers around the US and on the continent that provide services to Africans. Please stop by from time to time for an update.


National Cancer Institute
Kasr Al Eini Street, Fom El Khalig, Cairo – Egypt

National Cancer Institute Cairo University
1 Gamaa Street, Giza, Egypt

The 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt
Sekat Hadid Al Mahger, Zeinhom, El Sayeda Zeinab, Cairo, Governorate 4260102, Egypt


National Cancer Institute of Algiers
1945 Place du 1er Mai, Sidi M’Hamed 16000, Algeria

Children’s Hospital of Algiers
1945 Place du 1er Mai, Sidi M’Hamed 16000, Algeria

Mustapha Hospital of Algieria
1945 Place du 1er Mai, Sidi M’Hamed 16000, Algeria


National Institute of Oncology in Rabat
Avenue Allal El Fassi, Rabat, Morocco

Hassan II University Hospital in Casablanca

University Hospital Center Mohammed VI in Marrakech
BP2360 Principal, Av. Ibn Sina, Marrakesh,Morocco


Charles Nicolle Hospital in Tunis
Bd du 9 Avril 1938, Tunis, Tunisia

Institut Salah Azaiez in Tunis
R545+Q7X, Rue Bab Saadoune, Tunis 1006, Tunisia

University Hospital Farhat Hached in Sousse Tunisia
,،سوسة،، الجزار ابن شارع، RJHH+R3X


Al-Khoms Specialized Hospital in Al-Khoms
Libya, Sha‘bīyat al Marqab, Al Khums

Tripoli Medical Center in Tripoli
V5JR+52G, Az Zawiyah Street, Tripoli, Libya

Benghazi Medical Center in Benghazi
33HX+37C, الشمالي ,،،Libya


Radiation and Isotope Center in Khartoum
HGWH+WV6, El Qasr Ave, Khartoum, Sudan

National Cancer Institute in Khartoum
JG3M+9XP, 17th Street, Khartoum, Sudan

Khartoum Teaching Hospital in Khartoum
HGXM+33R, Isbitalia St, Khartoum, Sudan


Yaounde Central Hospital in Yaounde
VGC6+C52, Yaoundé, Cameroon

Douala General Hospital in Douala
Hôpital général, Douala, Cameroon

Bamenda Regional Hospital in Bamenda
X43V+WH7, Bamenda, Cameroon

Democratic republik

Kinshasa General Referral Hospital in Kinshasa
M8R4+CF3, Ave De L’hopital, Kinshasa, Congo – Kinshasa

Lubumbashi University Teaching Hospital in Lubumbashi
9F8V+7HP, Lubumbashi, Congo – Kinshasa

Goma General Referral Hospital in Goma
86CF+CQV, N2, Goma, Congo – Kinshasa

Central African Republic

Bangui Community Hospital in Bangui
9HJ7+4R5, Bangui, Central African Republic

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Bangui in Bangui
9HCF+RXW, Bangui, Central African Republic

Bimbo General Hospital in Bimbo
9HCF+WVW, Bangui, Central African Republic


Hôpital Général de Référence in N’Djamena
424W+2FC, N’Djamena, Chad

Hôpital National de la Mère et de l’Enfant in N’Djamena
Hôpital de la mère et de l’enfant, Ave Charles de Gaulle, N’Djamena, Chad

Hôpital de District de Moundou in Moundou|
J336+499, Moundou, Chad

republic of congo

Brazzaville General Hospital in Brazzaville
5WCG+2W8, Pointe-Noire, Congo – Brazzaville

Pointe-Noire General Hospital in Pointe-Noire

Loubomo General Hospital in Loubomo

Equatorial Guinea

Central Hospital of Malabo in Malabo
Frente de Antiguo Restaurante Somagec , Malabo 00240 , Equatorial Guinea

Bata General Hospital in Bata
Barrio Biyendem s/n Ciudad de Bata , Bata

Hospital de la Mujer y del Niño in Malabo
Malabo, Equatorial Guinea


Libreville Central Hospital in Libreville
Quartier Louis, Rue Martin Luther King, Libreville, Gabon

Port-Gentil Hospital in Port-Genti
oulevard Léon Mba, Port-Gentil, Gabon

Franceville Hospital in Franceville
Franceville, Gabon